We develop high quality, long lasting fabrics and garments. From textile waste, to post-consumer garments, we regenerate everything into our new 100% recycled cotton yarns and fabrics. By recycling the materials we are able to reduce the impact on natural resources along the whole production process. In order to ensure the claims and the fair traceability of our clothes we are GOTS. OCS. GRS and RCS certifie

The industry

We make our own products in our own factories.

We operate under Hallotex. Based in Barcelona, Hallotex designs and manufactures yarns, fabrics and garments since 1948. All of Hallotex in-house production structure is located between Tangier (Morocco) and Barcelona (Spain). We control our whole supply chain, from the yarn reception until the finished garment. This happens all in one same area, reducing the environmental impact and improving the efficency of the processes.

The team
We do not share same taste in music,
but we share the same values

In order to develop the most sustainabale and efficient product, we need to have collaboration from everyone in the desing and production chain. We have created a workflow process that allows to close the loop and desing with a zero waste mindset. Listen to our podcast to know more about us.