OrganicSound is a brand that brings customization and sustainability together.

Our story starts with passion and commitment to design quality garments with the highest sustainable standards, while encouraging participation in the design and recycling process.

OrganicSound operates under Hallotex. Based in Barcelona, Hallotex designs and manufactures yarns, fabrics and garments since 1948. As participants of the textile industry, we are responsible for the agricultural and the environmental impact that it causes.

We have started the OrganicSound brand with the aim to promote a change, and make a commitment towards sustainability.


Our mission is to inspire global participation in the perpetual design, creation and improvement of the textile world.

Our purpose is to build a conscious community where people can participate in a customization experience.


Design is one of our strengths and main differentiators. Our commitment is to work with a Zero Waste philosophy.
We start the design process from recycled raw materials to create new garments. Our style is defined by sustainable fabrics, clean patterns and accurate design.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We stand for Sustainability and have a commitment towards the environment.

Every year lots of clothes end up in landfills or incinerators, which emit greenhouse gases and release chemicals into the ground atmosphere.

To create new yarn, we blend the recycled raw material with Organic Cotton, Tencel®, and/or Refibra (An Innovative sustainable fiber based on cotton scraps and wool).

OrganicSound aims to become circular by giving garments a second life and closing the loop.


As a committed company that wants to achieve a real change towards a new sustainable era, we believe social responsibility is a key element and one of our main values.

OrganicSound has a collaboration with a La Fundació Maresme, a local foundation from Mataró, Barcelona.

La Fundació Maresme is a non-profit organization of social initiative that promotes and encourages social integration, improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

People that work in the foundation play a key role in our recycling closed loop. They are responsible for sorting the recyclable pieces of used garments, that will be strip and shred into smaller particles late on besides the production costs, a 3% of the total sales goes to the Foundation.


100% of our in-house production structure is located in Tangier (Morocco), and Barcelona (Spain).
We control our whole supply chain, from the yarn reception until the finished garment.
Customized products require knowledge, technology, flexibility, and an accurate unique quality control process.
Our own factories, as well as our external suppliers, are audited annually according to the following requirements:
CSR | Code of conduct
Work and development in an ethical and responsible manner.
Labor, economic and social industrial relationship with a fair and respectful treatment.
Prohibition of forced labor and/or child labor, discrimination, abuse and / or inhuman treatment.
Health and safety at work.
Commitment, conscience and respectful work with the environment.
Compliance agreement and responsibility to promote said requirements.


Bring your style into our designs.

Recycled collections / Limited editions.
Recycle materials to reduce the impact. Limited editions to make it unique.

Live experience
Re-play your favourite moments.

The ultimate sustainable basic.

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