We started our story with Els Amics de les Arts on April of 2017.

The collections we have created together are specially focused on the graphics and their lyrics, which are very special to us as they are written and signed in our native language. The materials used are organic and recycled cotton.

We started our story with Love of Lesbian earlier this year producing the merch for their New Album V.E.H.N. They like to say that this has been their first step towards an epic journey towards sustainability. The materials used for this collection are organic and recycled cotton.

We started our story with Jason Mraz on 2018 when we produced a special recycled Tee for his Hollywood Bowl Concert.  We have developed recycled merchandise for his tour, created a graphics collection, and done a recycling campaign all over USA and Europe. These are graphics that we designed together and represent his good vibe all the way.

We designed and produced a Limited Edition Collection for Bob Marley using organic and recycled materials. We divided the colleciton into two capsules, The Kaya Capsule and The Soccer Capsule. Mingblowing to be able to create this peaces for such an iconic and inspiring artist. This is a unisex collection.