When artists finish their tours usually end up with obsolete inventory that has not been sold.

Over the past years, Jason has been repurposing this inventory into new things.
One of his new commitments towards sustainability has been the collaboration with OrganicSound to Recycle his obsolete inventory into new garments.
Following a Zero Waste Philosophy.

We worked together with Jason and his team in Barcelona, designing the new Tee taking into consideration the characteristics of the raw material from the obsolete garments.

Through and innovative mechanical process, OrganicSound shredded the old tees and turned them into source fiber. Then we merged the fiber with sustainable materials to create the new yarn, which eventually became the new tee.

Jason explained the story through his social media, and posters describing our collaboration and the recycling process were displayed throughout the merch booths at the Hollywood Bowl Concert. His fans were super enthusiastic towards this initiative and the Tee was a hit!


There is no away.
When I buy something – I’m responsible for where it ends up.
The same is true when I make something.
When we throw something away – there is no away.

In the world of tour merchandise it’s normal to make more t-shirts than what we actually sell. When that happens I am left with obsolete inventory. I’ve done my best to repurpose this inventory into new things like aprons, bags, pillows, and blankets.

But now thanks to a collaboration with OrganicSound, I can continue my commitment to sustainability and a Zero Waste philosophy but turning my obsolete tees into new clothes!

As a participant of the textile industry, I am responsible for the agricultural & environmental impact that it causes.

OrganicSound allows me to shred the old tees back into source fiber, which is rewoven with organic cotton to create new yarn, which becomes new tees. I’ve seen the process with my own eyes. It’s ingenious, innovative, and about time.
The first examples of our new-recycled shirts are on now available at the merch table. Be sure to check em out!


Together we were able to make a step forward towards sustainability in the music apparel industry, and we will continue to collaborate in order to influence on a positive change.