During their tour, we installed a bin in some of their concerts, where fans could drop off black t-shirts that they would like to recycle.

Once we finish the tour we start recycling process:

Classifying and Shredding:
We collaborated with Fundació el Maresme, a non-profit organization of social initiative that promotes and encourages social integration, improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.
People that work in the foundation play a key role in our recycling closed loop. They are responsible for sorting the recyclable pieces of used garments, that will be striped and shreded into smaller particles later.

New yarn:
The shredded particles became recycled fiber that we blended with organic cotton fiber to create the new yarn and produce the fabric.

Design and production:
We designed an special sweatshirt for the band. It was a limited edition and those who recycled had preference to buy the sweatshirt made with their old tees.