Our story starts with a passion for music and a commitment to design sustainable quality garments, encouraging participation in the design and recycling process.

This is WHY we have combined our passions.

We Want to Inspire Change

What inspires you?


As a committed company that wants to achieve a real change towards a new sustainable era, we believe social responsibility is a key element and one of our main values.

OrganicSound has a collaboration with a La Fundació Maresme, a local foundation from Mataró, Barcelona.

La Fundació Maresme is a non-profit organization of social initiative that promotes and encourages social integration, improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

People that work in the foundation play a key role in our recycling closed loop. They are responsible for sorting the recyclable pieces of used garments, that will be striped and shreded into smaller particles later. Other than the production costs, a 3% of the total sales goes to the Foundation.

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